Guitar Building Templates

Luithier Templates for building your own guitar!


Terms & Conditions

Our Goal

*Our goal is to ship within 7-10 business days from order date.  Shipping times are approximate and subject to change without notice since templates are cut to order. We manufacture to order and due to workload, laser machine maintenance, and circumstances beyond our control, shipping timeframes can fluctuate dramatically.  We will not rush order and sacrifice quality. We do everything in house from CAD to Cut so we want to make sure you receive a quality product.    You may not be contacted if your order falls outside the 7-10 business day turnaround.  Feel free to contact us anytime about your order.  Contact us directly at, not through Paypal. Please note that all prices on this site are quoted in USD.  


*Templates ship US Postal Service in the US, we may use UPS in some instances. Our choice unless you specify in advance.     We are not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged, undeliverable, or delayed packages, US or International shipping. If you want protection from this reality, very rare but it does happen, please request insurance in advance so we can invoice accordingly for associated costs.  For customers outside the US, we ship USPS Priority Mail International.  Please note that the tracking is limited to Custom's activity.  Sometimes it does not track until way after it is delivered, if at all.  Please consider this when ordering as we want you to be happy with your purchase, and want you to have realistic expectations for parameters outside our control.  We may ship UPS to Canada at our discretion. You are responsible for any taxes/import duties that may result in your Country prior to delivery.

Keeping in Touch

*Please be sure you add the following email addresses to your contacts:,,

By adding these emails to your contact list,  it will insure you receive communications from us and not get filtered into your junk mail folder.  This especially happens with smartphones. 

Legal, Safety, other

*These templates are for personal use and may not be used for commercial  purposes.  

*You are ultimately responsible for the quality and playability of the instrument you build.  Do not use these templates unless you have researched for neck/bridge placement, scale, etc.. Basic woodworking skills are recommended.  There are many books that will guide you through the building process.   See "Links" page to get you started.

*Please exercise caution when handling power tools.  You are responsible for your safety. Remember,  you need your fingers to play and build guitars!

* We cannot guarantee exact replicas.  Laser cutting tolerances, commercial instrument variations, and other factors make it impossible to make 100% accurate templates.  Templates can be tailored to your taste by sanding the edges or moving the template around during the building process.  Neck pockets may need final sanding to be compatible with commercially available necks.  

*Guitar Building Templates is not affiliated with any artist or guitar company  referred to on this website and/or auction site used for the sale of these templates.  

*Template specifications are subject to change without notice.   In an ongoing effort to improve products, files are constantly being revised so templates may differ than those on pictures. Due to local wood supply,  material thickness may vary plus or minus one sixteenth of an inch.

*Bass neck/profile templates, as well as select guitars, are cut in half to ease shipping costs and to fit in our laser cutters.

*There are no returns/refunds allowed.  If a template is found to be defective, we will replace/repair at our discretion.  Photos must be sent for evaluation if you feel you encounter a defect. 

*Since a laser is used to cut templates,  it will have burn marks and may have cold spots as well.  Cold spots are places where laser does not cut all the way through the material.  Cold spots does not affect the use of the template. Cold spots happen due to varied density of material.   Fine sanding may be required due to burn marks and/or cold spots on edges used for routing.