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Tele neck
Standard Tele neck. 25.5" scale. The same neck included in our Classic Tele and Modern Tele sets.
Price: $20.00
Strat neck
Standard Strat Neck. 25.5" scale. Same neck included in our 50's and 60's Strat template sets.
Price: $20.00
Late 60's or 70's Strat neck
Purchase this for your next neck project. Oversized headstock as used in late 60's and 70's Strat.
Price: $20.00
Jazzmaster Neck
Jazzmaster Neck with block inlay.
Price: $20.00
Jaguar Neck
Jaguar neck with block inlay. 24" scale
Price: $20.00
Les Paul bolt on Neck
Les Paul bot on neck with economy neck pocket. 25.5" scale with Strat style heel.
Price: $20.00
58-60 Les Paul Standard Neck set
58-60 Les Paul Standard Neck set. Includes: Profile, block inlay template, headstock w/ neck tenon, and economy neck pocket. Incorporate this into your project easily!
Price: $39.00
75 Jazz Bass Neck Kit
75 Jazz Bass Neck Kit. Make your own neck. Includes all that is shown; long parts are puzzle cut.
Price: $29.00
Classic Tele Body
Classic Tele Body only. Fine sand neck pocket to fit virtually any Tele neck on the market.
Price: $39.00
Jazz Bass Standard Body
Jazz Bass Standard Body template. Great template for those who do not want to build the neck.
Price: $45.00
SG Double Neck
Approximate copy of the famous SG double neck guitar. Includes all that is pictured.
Price: $89.00

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