Guitar Building Templates - Company Message

Tele Thinline gets an upgrade!  More Teles coming soon!

50's Strat gets a revision.  Check it out!

New vintage version of our SG.  Check it out!

Our Wolfgang gets an overhaul.  This one is much more accurate and is based on my personal 2017 EVH Wolfgang Special guitar that I absolutely love!  Click on 1/4 inch thick MDF templates on right to see

Check out our new page "Special Deals".  Here you will find one off deals and discounted overstock items and huge discounts on "BLEM" products.  Stock added often. 

Our SG gets an overhaul.  It now has fret markings, inlay, and a neck profile.  Go to the "1/4" MDF templates" link on right. 

New template.  Les Paul Bass template.  Adapted from our best selling template, 1958-1960 Les Paul Standard.   Go to the "1/4" MDF Templates" link on the right.

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