Guitar Building Templates - Company Message
Must do site.  Filled with "how to" articles such as intonation, truss rod adjustment, fixing string buzz, general repair, and much more.
This place has virtually every type of wood you need for building any instrument.  They will cut to the size you need as well!
This site is absolute must for the person who does not want to buy expensive painting equipment.  These guys sell great guitar paint in a can!  They even teach you how paint the guitar with colors that include sunburst, gold-sparkles, and more!
This is a great book.  If you have no guitar building experience, this book is for you.  Takes you step by step for building your own guitar or bass. 
Forum offered free of charge with guitar building information.  A must see website for the guitar builder.
Great source for finding many types of router bits and bearings. 
A You Tube video of Peter Varadi carving a top of a Tele body.  It can be done!.
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